Not DIY Studio

Not DIY is an Amsterdam-based studio developing Webflow websites with a focus on business needs and appearance. Despite being active earlier, the Studio didn’t have a consistent brand identity, strategy, nor website, and its online presence was not trustworthy. Hence, the goal of this project was to build the brand from scratch and compliment it with a business website, which would introduce the Studio, share its vision and approach, and showcase the services it provides.

While developing the brand identity, the strategy, and the website for Not DIY, the main challenge was to convey the Studio’s vibe: professional and structured at its core, yet leaving space for playfulness and authenticity. A bold Helvetica-family font paired with uncommon colors and playful visuals highlights the classy yet genuine features of a brand that is being itself. In terms of naming, DIY are the name initials coming from D. I. Yatsenko, the founder of the Studio. The name broadcasts a simple at its core message: you don’t need to Do It Yourself, if professionals could do it faster and better.

Live website
Brand strategy and identity
Analytics set-up
Additional animation set