I’m Daniil, the main personality behind Not DIY Studio. Being a Dutch-Ukrainian, I have freedom in my genes and enjoy every bit of it while living in Amsterdam. I am an extremely structured person and thrive for clearer and more efficient processes: in my projects and clients’ businesses.
Coming from a business and technical background, I found myself captivated by the creative industry. Those aggregated into my professional superpower — an ability to understand which business process is missing or not working properly. With that in mind, I am creating sophisticated Webflow sites addressing the business needs, which help my clients optimise their processes and serve their customers better.
Daniil Yatsenko - the founder of Not DIY Studio


Making a site that stands out is hard. Making it flawlessly serve your business is even harder. So why DIY?
DIY are the name initials coming from D. I. Yatsenko. Not DIY Studio is an on-demand studio conveying a simple message: you don’t need to Do It Yourself, if professionals could do it faster and better.
Not DIY is more than what comes to mind first. Not only we develop stunning websites, but make them your business tools that help adding value for your customers.