Von Falk.

Von Falk is a sophisticated, minimal Webflow website template for an Interior Design or Architecture agency. Being created with customisability in mind, the template is offering a wide Content Management functionality: Project Portfolio, Services, Team, and Blog. The creative direction is featuring minimalism and asymmetrical layouts. A consistent design approach complimented by big white spaces allows to convey the holistic vibe of agency’s designs with serenity in its core.

Interior Design

What’s inside?

Webflow template
10+ templated sections
E-mail contact form
Style guide
Block structure
Mobile version
Full responsiveness
Customisable color palette

Von Falk is a full-fledged solution for an agency website, covering the whole range of possible needs. It is a Webflow template with all the technicalities set up, featuring a CMS interface to update the content, 10+ templated sections to build custom pages, and a style guide for a smooth customisation.

In order to go live, the template only needs to have your content migrated, and the domain set up. Not DIY Studio can help you with that and further customisation within a couple of days.

The template includes the following pages:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Services (Static)
  • Services (CMS)
  • Team (CMS)
  • Projects (CMS)
  • Blog (CMS)
  • Contact
Template only
Personal copy of Von Falk template transferred to your Webflow account, for you to build your awesome website. Technical support for 1 month.
Von Falk template
Single use license
1 month support
Full website build
Building your whole website using the Von Falk template. Customising the template, adding your content, taking care of technicalities, and publishing the website live.
Von Falk template
Single use license
Template customisation
Content migration
Site publish
1 month support

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